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The biggest writing project I was privileged to be a part of was writing the weekly recaps for the Call of Duty World League: Esports Report.

Each Thursday I was presented with footage from the night before and had an hour to write each week's show, then record the temp Voice Overs for the show.

If any changes were needed, Friday mornings I would have to revise the scripts then direct the VO with the CODCasters in the first hour of the day.



Blog Post Examples:

This weekend Ice Cold Pint is getting back together to shoot a comedy western short film in the desert.13342906_10209527185681085_5704609549700217689_n

After some amazing thrift store hunting, the final items needed came down to 1. A men's black cowboy hat. 2. 16oz of fake blood. 3. A dark brown gun holster.

Luckily with Amazon Prime I'm able to get whatever I need (for the most part) within two days. With our shoot coming up four days after the thrifting experience I placed an order on Amazon as soon as Brittany, Oliver, and I wrapped up shopping. Using Prime, gave me an extra two days to make sure the packages arrived.

Today, with two days remaining until the shoot, I received a notification at 8:09am that my packages were attempted to be delivered but there wasn't a safe location to leave them. Living in an apartment complex is a difficult place to have packages delivered because of this, I can't let them into the building if I'm not there.

In the notification I was told that the package would reattempt to deliver on the following day, giving me hardly any time to confirm the contents and prepare for the shoot.

Needing my package as soon as possible, I called Amazon to let them know it's okay to just deliver the package outside the main door of the building and that I will figure it out from there.

I expressed how important it was that this package gets delivered today, so that I have it ready for when I get home from work. I spent nearly fifteen minutes explaining to this woman (in a calm manner) that I need to get this today.

Then it hit me, this woman can see what it is that I'm having delivered. I started to laugh over the phone. I said to her, "I just realized that you know what I'm having sent to me". Then she starts laughing and says "I didn't want to say anything." We both laughed and I said "I swear there's a reason why I need these items today." She laughed and said, "I can only imagine what you have planned with this." So I began to tell her about the shoot that was taking place over the weekend and that I was going to be playing a cowboy in a short film that I'll be capturing this weekend in the desert and I want to make sure we have all of the final items. She said "I know exactly what you mean, I just spent the entire night trying to find a candle for my daughter's birthday."

It was a great conversation to start my morning. The woman was able to have the package redelivered so that I could get my ridiculous items in time. We had a good laugh.

One of the best things of having a podcast is the ability to be in the moment and discuss thoughts and feelings as they come to mind. When alcohol is brought into the mix of "Have A Drink With Me" things can change quite a bit. A drunken podcast speaks a sober blog, until one goes back and listens to the words that were said, words about the X-Men movie franchise to be exact.

After listening to Episode 1 - "Days of Future Cast" again I realize the brain fart I made in discussing the chronology of the X-Men films since the inception of the new films from Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer.

I stated that I felt something in timeline of "Days of Future Past" must have changed the outcome of the entire X-Men franchise's story. A butterfly effect, really? Shout out to White Russian cocktails for making me sound and now feel dumb. After much thought and actually sitting down with an ice cold pint of water, I can finally collect my thoughts.

The number one thing that debunks my X-Men chronology, and that I feel is the biggest question to "how did we get here?", is that "X-Men 3: The Last Stand" killed off Charles Xavier. How did he show up in the year 2023 alive and well? What happened in the time between X3 and DOFP (2023) that brought him back to life? Is it possible that this isn't the first time the X-Men were sent back in time, that we didn't ever see? In "X-Men 3: The Last Stand" we see that Rebecca Romijn is in fact what Raven looks like without her powers, but how would Jennifer Lawrence in "Days of Future Past" be able to alter her appearance to what she looks like in the future if she hadn't already seen what she looked like at an older age?

A mutant with time traveling powers must have gone back in time to undo what the Phoenix had done in "X-Men 3: The Last Stand" but didn't go back far enough in time to remove the threat of Sentinels that we see culminating in 1973. From the beginning of time (X-Men cinematic time) the sentinels were always going to come to fruition and kill the remaining mutants. Perhaps Mystique, who recently had lost her powers, enlisted the help of Bishop to take her back in time to a point when she still had her powers. In doing so, the Phoenix never took over Jean Grey, Jean never killed Charles and Cyclops, and Mystique never lost her powers. Unfortunately we the viewers weren't around to see this ripple take place.

This would lead to the idea that the year 2023 that we see in the movies is the second time Bishop is trying to take the mutants back in time. This time, things changed completely. Perhaps Charles misquoting Wolverine altered the coarse of Kitty Pride's legacy - leading to her new powers that helped in sending Wolverine back in time. What if Quicksilver stealing Pepsi products instead of Coke led to the cure for the mutant gene becoming just a thought and nothing else?

Now that my thoughts aren't jumbled up by the excitement of a first podcast episode and Tom & Samee (Producer of "Have A Drink With Me") haven't gotten me drunk, I feel I've made a better calculated theory to explain continuity errors in the X-Men movie franchise. I would love to know your thoughts on my new theory, and on our "Days of Future Cast" episode (link posted below). Where do you stand with the movies? How do you think the events from "Days of Future Past" 2023 came into being? Email us at info@dylanpolniak.com and let us know!



In April I started a monthly challenge of doing a piece of art each day for the entire month.13334501_10209500807061636_2043631218_o

This month I wanted to write a book. I've written numerous pilot scripts, as well as screenplays, but I always wanted to write a book.

I had a dream about a year ago about a boy at an orphanage, who for whatever reason never got adopted. In the dream the boy was left stranded in the woods by the other children.

'Overcoming Noah' became that exact story. In the month of May I wrote a 55 page children's book, which is now off with editors in hopes of selling a few paperback copies.

In the meantime, you can view the concept art for the story featuring Noah, and his new friend Pookie. Credit to Dan Mitchell.







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Packaging, screenshots, first party assets, advertisements, and additional marketing graphic design for Call of Duty, Destiny, Skylanders, and Guitar Hero. Script Writing for Call of Duty hype and tutorial videos. Designed a rollercoaster wrap for Six Flags for their Fright Fest 2015 event.

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