Have a Drink With Me | Episode 1 – “Days of Future Cast”

One of the best things of having a podcast is the ability to be in the moment and discuss thoughts and feelings as they come to mind. When alcohol is brought into the mix of “Have A Drink With Me” things can change quite a bit. A drunken podcast speaks a sober blog, until one goes back and listens to the words that were said, words about the X-Men movie franchise to be exact.

After listening to Episode 1 – “Days of Future Cast” again I realize the brain fart I made in discussing the chronology of the X-Men films since the inception of the new films from Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer.

I stated that I felt something in timeline of “Days of Future Past” must have changed the outcome of the entire X-Men franchise’s story. A butterfly effect, really? Shout out to White Russian cocktails for making me sound and now feel dumb. After much thought and actually sitting down with an ice cold pint of water, I can finally collect my thoughts.

The number one thing that debunks my X-Men chronology, and that I feel is the biggest question to “how did we get here?”, is that “X-Men 3: The Last Stand” killed off Charles Xavier. How did he show up in the year 2023 alive and well? What happened in the time between X3 and DOFP (2023) that brought him back to life? Is it possible that this isn’t the first time the X-Men were sent back in time, that we didn’t ever see? In “X-Men 3: The Last Stand” we see that Rebecca Romijn is in fact what Raven looks like without her powers, but how would Jennifer Lawrence in “Days of Future Past” be able to alter her appearance to what she looks like in the future if she hadn’t already seen what she looked like at an older age?

A mutant with time traveling powers must have gone back in time to undo what the Phoenix had done in “X-Men 3: The Last Stand” but didn’t go back far enough in time to remove the threat of Sentinels that we see culminating in 1973. From the beginning of time (X-Men cinematic time) the sentinels were always going to come to fruition and kill the remaining mutants. Perhaps Mystique, who recently had lost her powers, enlisted the help of Bishop to take her back in time to a point when she still had her powers. In doing so, the Phoenix never took over Jean Grey, Jean never killed Charles and Cyclops, and Mystique never lost her powers. Unfortunately we the viewers weren’t around to see this ripple take place.

This would lead to the idea that the year 2023 that we see in the movies is the second time Bishop is trying to take the mutants back in time. This time, things changed completely. Perhaps Charles misquoting Wolverine altered the coarse of Kitty Pride’s legacy – leading to her new powers that helped in sending Wolverine back in time. What if Quicksilver stealing Pepsi products instead of Coke led to the cure for the mutant gene becoming just a thought and nothing else?

Now that my thoughts aren’t jumbled up by the excitement of a first podcast episode and Tom & Samee (Producer of “Have A Drink With Me”) haven’t gotten me drunk, I feel I’ve made a better calculated theory to explain continuity errors in the X-Men movie franchise. I would love to know your thoughts on my new theory, and on our “Days of Future Cast” episode (link posted below). Where do you stand with the movies? How do you think the events from “Days of Future Past” 2023 came into being? Email us at info@icecoldpint.com and let us know!