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Failed comedian and not-yet-failed writer of both television and film.

Host of the comedy drinking podcast “Have A Drink With Me” and the positive Star Wars podcast “The Key To All Of This“. Both on all podcast platforms.

Graphic designer and web developer.

Decent husband and top 5% of all dog moms.






March 30, 2020

In August of 2018 Amanda and I decided to start a clothing line. We created roughly ten designs, gained a good amount of traction on the site and store along with a great amount of […]

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The beats I inhale and the lyrics I breathe

July 3, 2020

I’ve been very fortunate. With the pandemic going on, Mandy and I have been lucky enough to happily spend every day together. In nine days, I’ll make her my wife and it’s the most important […]

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Sosh Meeds

Saving Barbra jumped up 11% in overall projects on @Coverfly and %4 in comedy!

I've used @WeScreenplay (love them) but does anyone in the #writingcommmunity have another place they go for feedback? Nothing against WS, just want to double down!