Japan’s Toilets & Trash Cans

    I love traveling. My first time on a plane I was a month old. Getting the chance to explore a new culture or something so different from your norm is such a cool experience. I feel lucky to have had an opportunity to go to Japan this year.

    Japanese food has always been a long-time favorite of mine since I was a child. But the food is a whole other topic though, and one I’ll get to in another post as well as all of our animal-related experiences.

    Below are a few interesting things I want to touch on in their uniqueness that stood out to me. And watch the video above for a slideshow view of our journey!

    Super robotic and super spiffy. I want one!! That hot seat is a must-have.

    Trash Cans
    They are nowhere to be found, yet most parts of big cities are very clean. You’re encouraged to hold onto your garbage until you’re home or find an appropriate place to dispose of it. Beware of trying to use a random vendor’s trash.

    I had to have one, while reliving my entire childhood in stores featuring them along with Hello Kitty, and everything from my third grade classroom.

    Aside from hearing (and somewhat experiencing at times) gender discrimination, many strangers were beyond polite. A few went out their way on the subway to help us if they thought we were lost.

    Multi-Floored Malls
    ​There were a few spots we stumbled upon like this, where each floor had an assortment of items – from electronics to food to golf, yes golf!