I cried the entire time I wrote this, so be cool. I’ve lived my entire life seeing my grandfather as Steve Martin. The resemblance in their personality is uncanny. I’ve seen just about all of his movies, his television appearances, and even read his autobiography.

I love Bob Morrow.

I had an amazing childhood with my parents and brothers but something that will always stick with me is that my grandparents, Bob and Virginia, always took us into the Adirondack mountains every summer for our summer vacations. I know there was more to it than just bonding with their grandkids, but I’ll always respect their parental intuition.

Anyone from Ogdensburg NY should remember the “Singing Judge” at our city’s expo, because Judge Morrow always tore the place down with his versions of songs from of Billy Idol and Jerry Lewis. If you don’t remember, then you’ve truly missed out. I spent multiple years with my grandparents, in numerous locations, Heuvelton NY, West Stockholm, Orlando, and even their little house in Potsdam.

I just watched the movie “Parenthood” and the entire time I thought of my grandfather, Bob. He’s so god damn cool. He reminds me a lot of Steve Martin because Steve is fun and sells his characters in his movies. Bob Morrow sells himself with every step and thing he says.

My grandfather, is a certified badass. I’ve learned so much from him in the multiple years of our family camping and spending weekends at his house.

I look at old videos of him from the 90s singing at small events and riding four-wheelers with us just to make sure we all had fun. Bob Morrow is absolutely fucking amazing and there’s absolutely no way I could ever be who I am today without his guidance.

Bob and I have been dealing with the same spine injuries for the last couple of years, and while there were times I couldn’t walk or even standup, I was so glad I could confide in my grandfather on how he was holding up as well.

I know he and my grandmother Virginia helped out my family a lot in some difficult times, but I acknowledge their sacrifices and contributions. They are two absolutely amazing people.

Be safe.