Day Thirteen

At the beginning of this year, as I do every year, I make a list of twenty goals I want to complete by New Year’s Eve. Riding a Segway has been on my list every year that I can remember until this year. Almost two years of sitting at home alone for most of the day led me being smarter with how I waste my time. This changed my views on what my 2022 goals should be.

This year I removed the silly things in life to have as goals. I crossed out ziplining, paddleboarding, and finishing my collection of the 1995 Star Wars Power of the Force Collection (not that I’m going to stop because I’m so close, but rather not focus on it). These are all things I can do on a Saturday, not really goal worthy. I had to think of what I love doing, what I love doing alone, and what I love doing alone that makes me happy. Number one on my list was writing for thirty days in a row.

Today is day thirteen of writing every day for thirty days, and no I’m not counting this as my piece for writing, not because I think it’s a throw away, but rather I’ve gotten into my groove of writing. Since day one, I finished the script for my short “When I Was Younger” (Another item on my list), I finished the second draft of my half-hour adventure television show “The Serpent and The Spellbreaker” (Another item on my list), and now I’m going through the second draft of my horror script “Prayed Upon” (originally “Don’t Let Them In” and another item on my list).

A small-town scientist has mastered time travel and to prove it exists, he sends his parents back in time to retrieve an item lost in a fire that happened on their first date. – When I Was Younger

A young girl becomes the hero in her grandfather’s role-playing adventure game that leads them to a deep connection over their family’s past. – The Serpent and The Spellbreaker

Forced to visit the religious town her mother grew up in, a young woman on the edge of adulthood discovers that the closer she becomes to the strangers living there, the further her family gets from ever making it out alive. – Prayed Upon

It took me nine months to finally get to writing thirty days in a row, not that I haven’t written leading up to this moment, but I was trying to get my wellbeing in order first. I started by drinking enough water every day, walking at least two miles every day, taking my daily vitamins every day, readying every day, doing some form of working out every day, and removing social media from my phone (waste of time).

In training myself to these things every day, I’ve started to feel better mentally, making writing every day an afterthought. I’ve taken what used to be a hectic unstructured way of living to become more organized and extremely productive. I’ve somehow trained my mind to crave being creative and finally manage my time to do so.

Writing for thirty days won’t be in my goals for next year, I want to write every day.

As always, here’s the music that consumed me throughout:

1. “Ebb and Flow” – Larry and His Flask
2. “Colorgut” – Caracara, Anthony Green
3. “Fall Out Of Love” – Salem ft. Carlie Hanson
4. “I’m a Lover, but I’ll Still Fight” – Dale Hollow
5. “Drugs” – Cheridomingo