The X-Men Movie Timeline

Have A Drink With Me – Season 1 Episode 1,

I was in the process of moving out of my apartment so the two-bedroom place I rented was completely empty. I left a power strip, a few chairs, and a small table in one of the bedrooms so Tom Flynn and I could record the first episode of the show with Samee Junio.

Tom and I had spent hours trying to put an order to the X-Men movie franchise timeline so the creators of the movies didn’t have to. Obviously the timelines don’t make sense, we’ve all seen the movies, but Tom and I were determined to make sense of it.

The funny thing about alcohol is that it messes with your brain a bit. We drank White Russian cocktails the entire time we tried to piece things together. While maybe we dug too deep and ruined the chances of ever piecing things together, we at least had a blast doing it.

Check out the episode here:

I ask you as the listener and reader of this post, even sober, could you make sense of the X-Men movie franchise? Let us know on social media.


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