In Tents

My main goal as a writer is to sell a script or two to get my name out there. I’ve entered multiple writing contests and got some great feedback but now I’m working on getting a buzz going with my horror / thriller screenplay “In Tents“.

Logline: While attempting to save their marriage, two campers find themselves fighting for their lives against a group of masked strangers who have begun to impulsively hunt them in the woods.

Here’s the plot:

In the fall of 1997 Dean and his wife Amy drive up to an old campground in an attempt to bring their marriage back from complete shambles. A heated argument takes Dean’s focus off the road, nearly striking and odd elderly man. The two swerve to miss him, blowing a tire in the process.

The old man, John, offers to help Dean call for a tow truck in order to apologize for causing them issues. When Dean finds out it’s going to be two days until a tow truck and arrive, it puts a larger strain on things between Dean and Amy. Lies and deceit begin to form between the two leading to neither of them wanting to be there.

With nowhere else to go, Dean and Amy decide to unload the vehicle and walk the rest of the way to the campground. The further they get into the forest and closer to the campground, the couple’s tension begins to die down. A day that started with heated arguments and a blown tire, ends with the couple on better terms when they finally setup camp and start enjoying drinks around the fire with a neighboring couple.

Dean and Amy eventually laugh around the fire and reminisce over the good times and both agree “It couldn’t have been all that bad”. They agree to try and make the best of things starting the next morning.

A planned hike to reconnect on the next day is shelved when Dean wakes up with Amy nowhere to be found. Maybe she started without him or maybe something worse. With no clues of her whereabouts left behind, Dean decides to take off into the woods to find her. The deeper he gets into the search, the more it’s apparent that he’s not alone. He’s being hunted.

What started out as a trip to reconnect with his wife Dean finds himself lost, both emotionally and physically. Can he get to Amy before the strangers get to her, and survival be enough to bring their marriage back together or was this trip the death of it?

Be safe.