JJ Abrams Ruined My Star Wars Experience

In 2015 there was so much hype behind the next generation of Star Wars movies. Ten years after the last live-action movie release of Revenge of the Sith we were getting new characters with incredible new actors like Adam Driver and John Boyega. Star Wars fans were practically begging for more Star Wars, even the shitty fans who finally came around after hating the prequels for so long.

JJ Abrams, a director who understands science-fiction and even reinvigorated a very dead Star Trek, had all the tools to create something iconic but instead, he ruined the main thing everyone was looking forward to, something that no one will ever be able to fix again in Star Wars, no matter how many TV shows or spin-off movies we get… we didn’t get a scene with Mark, Carrie, and Harrison all back together again in Star Wars.

Since 1977 Star Wars has been the story of Luke, Leia, and Han. Sure, we got to see Luke and Leia reunited (kind of) in The Last Jedi, and we got to see Han and Leia together in The Force Awakens, but JJ Abrams killed off Han Solo in The Force Awakens instead of giving the fans the reunion we deserve. There wasn’t even a flashback to them before Luke went into hiding to satisfy the fan base, but simply bad decisions from Abrams.

Rion Johnson gets a lot of criticism for The Last Jedi “ruining” Star Wars but look at anything he has done in that movie that people didn’t like, it can all be fixed with a sequel or a spin-off. Killing off Han Solo before the three main characters could act together is not something that can ever be fixed.

The first and only chance the fans got to experience Mark Hammill as Luke, Carrie Fisher as Leia, and Harrison Ford as Han since 1983 was written, filmed, and approved to never even happen. Thanks JJ.