Something quick to get me by…

I just spend the last two hours dealing with GoDaddy’s IT team to fix a few things on their end and while I waited I wanted to write something quick to get me by.

My schedule has been pretty nuts lately. I got married, went to Mexico for a 10-day honeymoon, moved a lot of our stuff from a 5x5x10 storage unit into a new 10x10x15 unit, and now my wife is back to work doing a 6pm – 5am six-days-a-week shift. I’ve now got some extra time to kill and while I do have big plans for spending this time… Keep a look out for “Don’t Let Them In” next year at the festivals.

I’ve been spending random moments of free time to create some designs, one that has brought in thousands of dollars in a little over a week, but also some silly ones that I will never profit off of beyond just brushing up on certain skills.

(Photo edit of David Williams, felt “CUTE”, might delete later, and Matt Kenchington’s glorious idea of a Mask mask)

I’ve spent close to 14 years working as a graphic designer, most of it freelance. What started it all was taking old wrestling action figure prototype pictures and altering them to create wrestlers who either didn’t have a wrestling figure yet or to put them in an attire that hadn’t been produced yet in figure form ( This led to me getting hired by a few artists who created custom action figures that needed banners created or backgrounds removed from their beauty shots. I ended up joining a Photoshop Wrestling Figures “Federation” and was undefeated against the other people in that group for a while. Recently an external HDD failed on me, but I was able to get all of my files recovered and stumbled across some of the old designs I did. (I drew that Lance Storm head using a touch pad on a laptop).

This led to me getting hired as a “graphic designer” for a record label that actually needed a web developer. Fun times! Shout out to Between The Trees! That job kickstarted me into working in the music industry, television and film, video games, porn (building websites for lonely people), advertising, merchandising, learning screen printing, and working with a ton of pro wrestlers. Pretty rad.

Be sure to check out my newest shirt online and pick one up!

Tonight’s Playlist:

  1. “Jack of All Trades” by Hot Water Music
  2. “Running With The Boys” by Lights
  3. “Where Are You” by The Moderates
  4. “Soulweeper # 2” by Volbeat
  5. “No Sleep Tonight” by Enter Shikari