WonderCon 2016

Hell yes. This year I went to my first comic book convention, WonderCon in Los Angeles.

I received the last minute notice from San Diego Comic Con in my email that tickets were available, so I immediately purchased an $18 Sunday only badge. With only two weeks between buying the ticket and the actual event, there wasn’t much room for planning, so I ultimately decided that jeans and a button up would be my cosplay for the day. No one asked who I was though.

The entire event was a huge success in my eyes, although parking was a $30 nightmare for the few hours I was there. I warned the group I was with that I was going to nerd out hard, with “this is awesome” as my quote for the day; repeating it every few seconds.

We walked down each isle starting with the artist section, and followed the traffic through to the end. It look a little over an hour to get from the start to the finish, and racked up almost a 6 mile walk for the day.

People watching was my favorite staple of the event. It’s insane to see the amount of time and effort (sometimes lack there of) that goes into the outfits and accessories people created. The next time I go to one, I would absolutely dress up in order to gain a new experience.

I walked away with a few free comic books, and a batman pin; my legs are killing me and my dogs are barking but I enjoyed myself. Til next time.