Beggar’s Gulch

12-23-2022 Update – It’s called “Pecker’s Gulch” again.

In 2015 I started working on a silly filming idea I had about cops who found themselves in goofy situations similar to Reno 911!, but that would be shot in small, more formal formatted sketches. I had a few different ideas thrown around for it story-wise and originally called it “Fingering Crooks”. I started writing it as a YouTube series with Andrew Cook who convinced me to ditch the title of it, and we got a few weeks into it until it was ultimately scrapped when he decided to move away from LA.

Sometime between 2013 and 2016 I met model / actor / video boy, Oliver Seitz. We were planning on doing a 99-hour film contest where we had 99 hours to produce a 99-second short. Although we went with “Mr. Porter”, a story about a man who gains the power to teleport just by wishing he could, I had pitched the idea of “Buck McCoy”. The story was a wild west story about a few men who had done a lot of drugs during their poker game and came to the realization that their friend “Sandy Dangler”. The gang grabs their guns and head off into the desert where they mistake cacti for aliens. After a large shootout they realize Sandy was with them the whole time, but accidentally killed him during the chaos. That idea was shut down, but we did do an unreleased short film later with Tim McGovern.

After a fun sushi dinner with Nick Kreis, I had been convinced that I need to start working on stuff alone as well. He was the first person to truly believe in me as a writer and I remember him telling me “You’ll do just fine without a writing partner”.

I revisited the idea again in 2016, but set the main characters up as twins; changing the title to “TwinCop”. Goofy cops had been done before and I wanted to change the tone a bit. I wanted it to be about this larger-than-life cop duo that would force the President to exclaim “GET ME TWINCOP”, as if it was J. Jonah Jameson demanding photos of Spider-Man. The TwinCop duo were meant to be who anyone called on to get the job done. This next pass involved ditching everything about the original Fingering Crooks idea, even the names used.

In 2018 I spent 30 days of writing for an hour each day. I was able to get the original outline for my horror screenplay, In Tents, but I was able to once again work on a NEW goofy cop idea, “Beggar’s Gulch” (originally titled “Pecker’s Gulch“).

Logline: Deputy Sumner McGowan loses focus of the sudden disappearance of his former partner when his long lost twin brother, Rosemary, shows up in the Wild West town of Beggar’s Gulch to try filling those shoes.

I want to provide one of my favorite scenes I wrote, which you can read from the link below. The main characters “Sumner”, and his twin brother, “Rosemary”, who is now his partner due to the disappearance of his former partner “Buck McCoy”, are tracking down the evil “Vera Magnum” and her goons who recently escaped jail and plan to flee the city.

Read Beggar’s Gulch by Clicking Here.

Be safe.